Cuddy Web Email

For security reasons, we will no longer be listing a direct link to our web-based email server connection. If you need help finding this page, please contact Vern Moyer at vernm@cuddy.com, 519-245-1592 x 208 during business hours, or 519-317-1061 for his cell phone.

Once you have arrived at the WorldClient login page for Cuddy Farms, you will be prompted for your email address and password as shown below:


You will need to enter your complete email address and email password.  Some of you may not be aware of your password since it is passed automatically when using Outlook so if you need this information please contact me.

This new web email will be useful for checking messages remotely where the Cuddy network is not available, or for viewing and/or deleting large messages that are causing your Outlook to not work properly.  It is not as fully functional as actually using Outlook, but is analternative where Outlook is not available.