Cuddy Farms day old turkey poults and fertile hatching eggs enjoy an international reputation for superior quality. Yet it takes more than quality to ensure success in the global market. It takes a close working knowledge of customer's needs, plus the people and resources to meet those needs.

Cuddy breeder candidates are selected for conformation and rapid growth. They are reared in strict biosecure environments under scientifically controlled health, nutritional, lighting and monitoring programs.

Fertile turkey hatching eggs are collected from clean nests and immediately sanitized. They are then loaded into the appropriate container for shipment to a Cuddy hatchery or a hatchery belonging to a customer.


Hatchery Technitions

Worldwide Distribution

Our size allows us to accommodate large orders and last minute minor order variations that make it easier for the customer. Cuddy customers enjoy the better hatchability and poult quality gained from a Cuddy egg.

Fertile turkey hatching eggs are shipped to one of Cuddy's hatcheries in North America or Germany, and set to hatch in 28 days. After hatching the poults are processed by competent experienced Cuddy hatchery personnel and shipped to the customer by ground or air. The Cuddy poult will be placed in the customer's facility no later than 24 hours after the hatch is pulled. From this point on the Cuddy service personnel are available to help advise our customer to raise a profitable product.