Our Mission

Cuddy Poults and Egg


Cuddy Farms is the global leader in producing and delivering turkey eggs and poults. We will maintain and grow our position by:

  • providing leadership within our business and within the industry,
  • valuing and promoting innovation in everything we do,
  • partnering with our customers, our employees and our suppliers,
  • focusing on quality in our products, our people, our services and our solutions,
  • maintaining flexibility to meet our customers needs,
  • working continuously to improve value to our customers, and
  • investing in the future of our people and our business.
Mac Cuddy

A. M (Mac) Cuddy - Founder

 "When I think about the years and how they've played out, I'm still in awe of what we do. Think about it - the hatching process. It has always intrigued me, that you could take an egg, nurture it, and in 28 days, help to produce a living thing."