More Than Fifty Years of Cuddy Farms Continued...


True to his innovative spirit, Mac quickly adopted new technologies and developed new products. Through the influence of his friend and fellow turkey breeder George Nicholas, Mac introduced artificial insemination which, combined with the lighting program, boosted the farm's ability to supply high-quality turkey poults in commercial quantities year-round.

Cuddy Farms was founded on innovation and pioneering spirit. Today, it continues to sit on the leading edge of poultry technology: performing research, improving technologies and introducing new products that set the standards for the industry.

Historical Cuddy Farms Truck

Historical Mac Cuddy Airport

The success of Cuddy Farms can be credited to the idea that one should offer as much value-added as possible.

It was by following this deceptively simple philosophy that Mac Cuddy was able to take a turkey farm started in 1950 with a bankroll of $3,000, and build it into the leading supplier of turkey poults and hatching eggs in the world.


As a pioneer and innovator Mac Cuddy has helped shape the direction of the world's poultry industries. Highly regarded for its experience and reputation, Cuddy Farms exports its products to over twenty countries around the world, including Germany, Mexico, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Austria, Holland, Hungary and the Baltic States.

Cuddy's size, heritage and commitment to quality, service and innovation provides customers with what they want, when and where they want it.

Historical Free Range Turkeys